Foundation Repairs

We guarantee our work and will stop your leaks.

A house foundation is the most important component of your homes structure. If you have a cracked foundation wall or floor, repairing it is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your building. By repairing cracks to your basement, you are not just saving the basement but your entire home.

Cor Hydro are experienced in fixing both Commercial Or Residential problems ranging from water reservoirs like the Lower Town site in Fort McMurray pictured below, which had over 750 linear feet of leaking cracks with very high water pressure from the filled reservoir to one foot basement cracks.

We use a combination of polyurethane grouts injected into your leaking wall which reacts with water forming a flexible watertight seal. For finer hairline repairs we use acrylates, these are also injected into the wall but are thinner than water so will infiltrate into the smallest cracks.