For concrete problems,
get concrete solutions.

Cor Hydro are leading experts in concrete foundation crack repairs and are approved Applicators of Kryton, Tremco and De-Neefe waterproofing systems for Western Canada.

Cor Hydro Systems

Your contractor of choice when it comes to concrete repair and waterproofing.

No matter how carefully you build your concrete structure or how well you maintain an existing one, it’s not a matter of if cracks will occur, but when. At best, concrete cracks are an unattractive nuisance. At worst, they lead to leaks that can damage the interior of the building, corrode steel reinforcements, and ultimately shorten the life of the concrete structure.

By using a series of products developed by Kryton, De Neef and Tremco, Cor-Hydro can repair and waterproof structures from the interior and exterior, stopping leaks from a torrent to a dry surface, with minimal disturbance. Traditional repair methods can cost as much as 70 to 80 percent more than the Kryton or De Neef method and don’t always offer a permanent solution.

Kryton’s proprietary materials continue to protect the structure for its lifetime by providing a live repair, a crystalline structure continues to grow through the micro-pores in the cement to provide ongoing protection that never stops.

De Neef offers protection where there is potential for further movement in the structure. By using a combination of their polyurethane grouts and acrylates pumped into the cracks the flexible repair will move with the building.

For concrete problems get concrete solutions, trust Cor-Hydro, Kryton and De Neef to repair and protect your structure for its life.


Kryton has been providing concrete waterproofing and protection for more than 40 years in over 40 countries around the world. Our solutions have benefited construction companies by allowing them to cut construction costs through time and labour while producing good quality, durable and watertight concrete structures.


De Neef / Seal Boss

A house foundation is the most important component of your homes structure. If you have a cracked foundation wall or floor, repairing it is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your building. Cor Hydro are experienced in fixing both Commercial Or Residential problems



TREMproof 260, Tremproof 250 and ExoAir 120 are among some of the great Tremco products we can help you benefit from.