True Waterproof Concrete With Kryton

Kryton has been providing concrete waterproofing and protection for more than 40 years in over 40 countries around the world. Our solutions have benefited construction companies by allowing them to cut construction costs through time and labour while producing good quality, durable and watertight concrete structures.

Krytons concrete protection is based on our Krystol Crystalline technology that reacts with the concrete and moisture to enhance the concrete hydration process and grow crystals in the pores and capillaries of the concrete making it water tight. The most unique feature of the technology is its ability to self-seal hairline cracks for the lifetime of the concrete structure. The technology is available for new and existing concrete.

Krytons Krystol Crack Repair and Surface Treatment can stop any leak in concrete. The surface applied Krystol T1/T2 and Krystol Repair Grout system is applied topically from the positive or negative side and will grow crystals into the concrete giving it the same self sealing and waterproof characteristics as the KIM treated concrete. The crystals can be found grown into the concrete up to 4 inches in as little as one month after application. The crystals become such a part of the concrete that the surface coating can be mechanically removed some time after application and it will not affect the durability that it has brought to the concrete. The Krystol Crack Repair system has been used in everything from elevator pits and below grade parking structures to hydro-electric dam facilities with BC Hydro. When applied properly it will stop the leaks permanently and we have a training program to ensure that it is applied properly.

Krystol Technology: Go inside the concrete

Experience how Kryton’s crystalline technology creates reliable, watertight concrete structures. Whether it’s new construction, upgrading an existing structure or repairing leaks, Krystol concrete waterproofing systems will help you build quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness into the concrete.

Admixture: Add waterproofing into the mixture

Add the world’s original crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture, Krystol Internal Membrane™ better known as KIM® – right into your concrete mix. Eliminate application errors and protect your structure from water permanently and reliably as concrete is mixed.

Surface-Applied: Krystolize your concrete!

Protect new and existing concrete structures from water intrusion or repair leaks using the Krystol surface treatment system – easy-to-apply, reliable and effective for the life of the concrete.

Crack Repair: Repair and seal cracks permanently

It’s not a matter of if cracks will occur, but when. The Krystol crack repair system is a permanent waterproofing solution that protects concrete from any direction, even against high water pressure.